Drink Well with Copper

February 23, 2017

copper water bottle

I don't usually write blog posts about personal wellbeing however as like many I'm on a bit of a health quest at the moment, so decided to share some info on my newest purchase...

On a recent lunch break around Barangaroo I noticed a woman carrying a beautiful copper water bottle. So of course being the introvert that I am instead of enquiring I turned to my trusty shopping partner - Google. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information I found.

A time old practice from India, apparently drinking out of a copper vessel has Ayurvedic health benefits* including;






  • helping to reduce inflammation, 
  • aiding liver and spleen function,
  • improving digestion,
  • anti-aging properties,
  • stimulating brain function, 
  • boosts the immune system, if that wasn't enough the copper kills any harmful bacteria that may be floating around in your H2o.

So of course I had to buy one for myself, and a limited batch for the store.

If like me you thought this sounds too good to be true it's best to read up on this yourself - here are some of the sites I found, but there are plenty more. 

The Health site

Yoga Digest


The one downside is that you’re suppose to let the water sit for 4-8 hours inside the vessel prior to drinking to get the full effects so I fill mine at night for my morning trip to work. And the beautiful copper doesn't take kindly to your typical detergents so cleaning with natural products works best to preserve the lustre, so if you are interested in knowing how to keep copper clean I found this great video  from Leaf.tv.

On my endless quest to wellness I’m giving the copper water bottle a try.  So far I don’t feel any different BUT I just love the look of my bottle and I've saved on all the plastic ones I would usually buy. 

So, are copper water bottles just a fashionable way to consume H20 or are they truely the new wellness fad of 2017? Happy to hear your thoughts...

*applies only to copper that isn't coated 


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