West Coast Design

October 08, 2015

On my recent sojourn to the states I was completely enamoured with the West Coast sense of style. The beautiful homes nestled into the hills and secluded beach-side, cul-de-sacs  made it easy to see why this style has become one of the most loved design aesthetics.





Californian bungalow  Californian bungalow stylingCalifornian bungalow

In Australia we've long since identified with the relaxed and healthy outdoor lifestyle that the Californian Bungalow represents. Originally imported from Pasadena, California in 1916. It caught on rapidly as a popular new form of suburban architecture. Marking a return to a simple more organic form of architecture. This is a laid back fun aesthetic to work with so be bold, take liberties and make it your own with some of these style tips…


  • An open, informal floor plan
  • no frills and relaxed approach to finishes and furnishings
  • Mix up classic or mid-century feature furnishings over a clean and modern base
  • Timber finishes on flaws and walls
  • Natural fibre rugs or throws to accent the wood
  • Vintage or modern feature lighting
  • Simple easy to care for indoor plants
  • Embrace natural materials and finishes
  • Expose rafters wherever possible
  • Create solid veranda posts
  • Clean natural and bright paint selections
  • Create informal but neat gardens with grass closely clipped, edged by gravel or stone flagged paths
  • Garden beds bordering the house and along boundary fences
  • Low brick or ‘pillow-faced’ limestone block fences
  • Side garages make driveways an integral part of the front garden so shouldn't be ignored.


Resource, reference and inspiration:

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