Business with Heart

November 16, 2014

 Creative Women founder Ellen Dorsch loves beautiful things, travel and to make a difference in women’s lives...

I stumbled across this wonderful site a few months ago and it continues to keep me inspired. This company really is a shining example of how a successful business can be ethical, profitable and inspirational. Creative Women is a women-owned company trading in hand woven textiles, based in Grand Isle, Vermont. Doing more than just designing and trading textiles, they work hard to promote equitable trading practices that support women’s economic independence in various grass roots communities from around the world.

Their partnerships can be found in Ethiopia, Swaziland, Afghanistan, Senegal, Mali, Bolivia, and Peru, importing and selling traditionally-inspired contemporary accessories and home textiles making them a truly empowering member of the global village.

Check out their site to shop direct or for links to their retail suppliers.

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